We’ve been building brands and crafting digital experiences for 5+ years now. With that said, there has been both, triumphs and challenges as we stick to the core universal design principles and methodologies, which are:

  • Equitable use.
  • Flexibility in use.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Perceptible information.
  • Tolerance for error.
  • Low physical effort.
  • Size and space for approach and use.

With changing technology landscapes, cluttered with brands without soul, we thought it would be best for our company to visually demonstrate these principles.

The ye ol’ wives tale is that Brands take about 5 years to penetrate market and begin generating revenue from brand.  Ha! So we’ve flipped the script.

Now, before I go further in providing you the outline of how we came up with it, let me share some of my thoughts on the importance of your companies brand. (Bear with my ramblings ).

Not only does your brand reflect the internal culture of your company, it in essence is the magnetic pole in which all business will be gravitating toward. It continuously expands and develops both your customers and your companies future.

Now, from a macro perspective, think of it like this – think of a mass of stars coming together to form a solid planet. This is your companies brand. The stars = your customers and staff with each star bringing it’s own uniqueness to the formation of the planet and gravitating toward it’s solidarity, uniformity and function;

  • So what is the planet about?
  • What is its purpose in the cosmos?
  • How do you align all these stars to vibrate on the same frequency?
  • What message are you emitting to each star to help the whole planet you are forming, function, be practical and polarise positive?
  • Why does it exist and what are you doing right, to have so many stars accelerate towards the growth of your planet?

Your brand is the feeling your customers will experience from the start to finish of their purchasing cycle. So with that last statement in mind, consider your clients perception of your company when they first receive your little email signature, receive response to their enquiry online or receive your delivered product.

What is your business? How is it creating positive culture?

It’s NOT just about a logo. If it was, plenty of $200 logos would become monsters in the business world. Brand is a by-product of the invested time of collaborative contribution, research, revision, support and evaluation of the inner and outer workings of your business.

Now, that you have a little bit of the background behind the decision. In Part 2. I will enlighten you to our process. I hope you enjoyed the read. Stay tuned.


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