By now, you probably have heard of Influencer-Marketing. An influencer is a person, who is seen as an advocator a representative for a certain topic because of their engagement on social media. But have you heard of Micro-Influencer-Marketing? Big companies are currently shifting their marketing strategies towards Micro- or even Nano-Influencers. Here is why.

First things first, what is a Micro-Influencer?

A study by Dr. Jonah Berger in 2016 gives a good definition of what a Micro-Influencer is:

“Micro-influencers are not traditional celebrities, but rather individuals who work in their category or are truly knowledgeable, passionate and authentic and are seen as a trusted source when it comes to recommendations for what to buy.”

Dr Jonah Berger, 2016

A Micro-Influencer has between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Numbers vary slightly depending on who you ask.

Dr. Jonah Berger’s study has shown that 82 percent of consumers surveyed for his study considered themselves highly likely to follow a recommendation made by a Micro-Influencer.

And what are the benefits?