How strong is your Hustle?

As creatives, we watch a lot, test and learn, then learn some more.

We’ve had the wonderful opportunity of being in this industry for quite some time and being part of some epic transitions and growth. Being in the game and watching the changing demographic of the web over the years has enlightened us to many things. We have worked with smaller startups to larger customers and firms. All with different requirements, ideas, concepts, and concerns regarding what they like what they want to achieve.

Being service providers, we get the opportunity to see how things operate across multiple disciplines. Listening, learning and the help producing results through research and execution.

As startup culture grows so too does the innovation in technologies and applications built around and supporting the growth ie Social Media, Content Platforms, CRM’s, Productivity tools. It can be some scary s**t, thinking about starting, working out where to go, what to do and where you fit, especially with different markets with attention in different locations, multiple vendors, companies. Nothing happens unless you Start though.

So let me arm you with some points to consider when making an investment in a Website to navigate through the landmines of opinions and theories, from our takeaways being in this game translated through the basic principals. This will not only help you make a better investment decision but also help the company provide you with the tools to gain a deeper insight into things. Win-win.


The Dr. Who do you do it for?

Yep, I went there. The market is real and where the attention is applied, is constantly changing. Aimlessly delving into the empty white space abyss of ‘I just want a website’ is little to work with. To design an experience for your customer, you need to know who they are and what they go to feed. Doing some market research in competitors and your own market will help any business designing and developing your website. Remember this research is not about what you think it needs to look like, it’s about what your customers need, so apply some empathy and solve their problems.


What the hell do you do?

You have to harbor a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your websites. But more importantly, what your business is! Are you selling a product, a service, a concept? Are you just providing information to customers? Get back to the core and find the essence of what you’re doing – this will help whoever builds your website to clearly understanding your business and its purpose.



In some cases, some business’ want to stay underground and not let people know where they do things. However, in most cases, it’s important to tell people where you do things. There are various ways to serve advertisements, target surrounding suburbs/businesses and gain business locally. Not to mention if you are an online retailer, wouldn’t you want people to know where your store is? Make sure you keep in mind what you would like to achieve with your location. There are a number of tools and platforms in the industry today to help with geolocation. So if this is a good strategy for you to create more business be sure to provide the people building your website your location feedback.


When do you do it?

Ahh, you do it now. Not tomorrow, not in a week. If you’re reading this, you’re thinking about a new website, a re-design or just genuinely interested in user experience (Yeah I think it’s awesome too), so don’t lose that momentum. It’s not going to hurt you to get prices and at very least start the conversation so you are more informed than you once were. If you’re interested in getting started, hit us here or read on. The Launch time of a website can depend on various factors; Your market’s peak times, Key services, Onboarding for User Testing etc. Preparing a launch strategy can be helpful, depending on your industry. It can help by gathering the heard through multiple other avenues to open the curtain to brand new shiny things and establish metrics from the onboard. A factor to consider is, depending on the complexity of your business needs, give the company building your web site enough time to execute. If you want it in 1 week, it won’t happen. A general build takes approximately 7-8 weeks if you want quality. If you don’t care about quality code, speed & efficiency and are someone who likes to splash paint outside the lines, then some companies can do it quicker. So just keep that in mind. ;)


Why do I need a Website for my Business?

Well, this is kind of a silly question but I will try and answer it without sounding too sarcastic. There are many reasons why a website can help being, people will see who you are and what you do – maximum exposure. However, this raises the question on preparing your social strategy – particularly collecting information outside of the website and which platforms will work for your business and marketing. Not all social platforms fit the needs of your business. It is important to target effective platforms, build your processes around them, learn, then move to the next. Providing this information to the company who builds your website will help in working out if it is a necessary feed required, ie social shares, Pinterest, Facebook.


How do I build it?

Contact us. Or alternatively, if you have an agency in mind, shoot them an email. First, remember to prepare yourself with the above information and below are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure they are transparent with where the budget is going and how they will achieve your goals.
  • What are their capabilities? Do they have the resources to reach your goals?
  • Will they help with a full strategy or only build you a website?
  • Remember it’s not just about how it looks and the fancy items.

If you have any questions with your new or rebuild, get in touch with me and I would be happy to help steer you in the right direction. Or alternatively, drop a comment below on what you would like me to cover in the next Article drop. I would love to hear any questions you have and would love to help where I can.




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