Online marketing is important, we know that you know! But how about being active on Social Media as a business? And which channel should you choose? Most businesses can benefit from being on social media as in 2018, Sensis reported, that 79% of the Australian population have Social Media accounts and 35% check their accounts at least 3x a day. But the report also noted, that in comparison only 47% of Australian small and medium-sized businesses have a Social Media presence. It might be time to change that.

The main goal of your Social Media presence should be to connect with your customers, share valuable information, get real-time feedback – in short, to tell your story. Active Social Media accounts create trust through real feedback and authenticity. No one is you and that is your major advantage!


Which platform is your target group on?

customer taking a picture to post on instagram

Of course, you don’t want to silently post your content without receiving any reactions to it! You want to engage with your target group, r