As an active Instagram user, you most likely have seen a Daniel Wellington watch in someone’s feed. Probably even multiple. Their watches only have been introduced to the market a few years ago, now you can find them in big retail stores like Myers. Their recent success is due to a killer influencer marketing strategy.

Picture of the Daniel Wellington Instagram feed that mostly contains pictures taken by influencers as part of their influencer marketing campaign
Instagram feed: @danielwellington

The Daniel Wellington Strategy

Instead of a more traditional approach, the Swedish company decided Social Media, specifically Instagram, was going to be their main channel for advertising. Many of their competitors advertise their watches with celebrity faces. However, the founder of Daniel Wellington, Filip Tysander, understood the potential of influencers in their early days. The company started sending their watches to influencers all over the world with the requirement to post a picture on their social media feed. The package included a promo code as a gift to their followers – a good way to measure reach and success of the campaign.

Additionally, Daniel Wellington encourages their customers to post a picture with their watch and the hashtags #DanielWellington to get featured on their feed as #DWpickoftheday.

Picture by @marianapostcards reposted by @danielwellington showing a girl in a car in Monument Valley with a Daniel Wellington watch on the wrist
Picture by @marianapostcards

By no time, the social media platform was filled with creative pictures of their watches. The campaign was incredibly successful, sales went through the roof. According to Medium, Filip Tysander invested $1500 to kickstart his campaign and made a profit of $220M in only 6 years!


What Do We Learn From That?

For many brands, there is no way around influencer marketing. If it is suitable for you really depends on your target group and product or service. Fact is, influencer marketing creates reach, recognition, and content, that people actually care about.

Picture posted by @keerslife
Picture by @keerslife

Authentic Advertising

Instead of just aiming for a big number of followers, Daniel Wellington focussed on smaller influencers (read more about Micro Influencer Marketing) that fit their brand identity. It might be tempting to just reach out to anyone and see if they want to work with your brand. But picking fitting influencers for your campaign will make it much more valuable – for you and their audience.

User Generated Content = Community Building

Almost all of the content posted by Daniel Wellington has been created by influencers and users. It brings them closer to their customers by showing appreciation for their creative content (and saves them a lot of money for content creation). At the same time, they get a diversity in content that they most likely wouldn’t be able to create otherwise.

Influencer marketing picture posted by @danielwellington showing two hands holding ice cream with Daniel Wellington watches on their wrists
Picture by @marieelouiise

Make Campaign Success Measurable

Many companies are not sure if their Social Media efforts pay off at all. Daniel Wellington found an easy solution for that problem by providing customised coupon codes for every influencer. They indicate how successfull each collaboration has been and help monitoring the overall success of their campaign.

Picture of Instagram picture by influencer @alabasterfox that shows a bouquet of beautiful flowers and a Daniel Wellington watch as part of their digital marketing campaign
Picture by @alabasterfox

Reach Your Customers in Their Native Environment

Daniel Wellington is targeting a younger, stylish audience, that primarily posts on Instagram. Yes, influencer marketing is cheap, but most importantly, it is efficient. You can aim for your defined target group. Good research is always the first step: Where is your target group? Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media channels. However, that doesn’t automatically make them the right fit for your campaign.


For more ideas on influencer marketing, check out our post on micro influencers.

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